Key Features

Turkish Grammar in Practice is a completely new reference and practice book for learners of Turkish.
It comes with the following key features:

  • Clear and easy-to-follow explanations
  • Over 2000 sample sentences and dialogues
  • Around 3000 practice questions
  • Around 450 colour illustrations
  • A dictionary of 1900 headwords used in the book
  • Tips highlighting common errors
  • Full key to exercises

Who is this book for?

Turkish Grammar in Practice introduces grammar to learners at beginner to intermediate level. It is not a course book but a reference and practice book which can be used by learners attending classes or working alone.


What does the book consist of?

This book consists of 114 units, each on a grammatical topic. The units cover the main areas of Turkish grammar. The explanations are on the left-hand page, and the exercises are on the right-hand page. Plenty of sample sentences and conversations help you use grammar in real-life situations. The explanations are followed by exercises that practise the new language in authentic situations.

There are also 15 units in Grammar Essentials section. These units do not have exercises. They are designed to focus on grammar points which are important for reading and writing Turkish.
An important feature of this book is that it provides over 2000 sample sentences and around 3000 practice questions by using the most common 1900 Turkish words. The dictionary at the end of the book presents the English meaning of all the words used in the book. You can look words up as and when needed.

There is a full answer key for you to check your answers to the exercises in the book.

How should the book be used?

This book aims to serve as a reference and practice book for those working alone or attending classes. The units are not organized progressively but instead, attention has been given to present the most basic grammar topics in the early units. You can start at the beginning of the book and work through to the end, although the grammar topics are not ordered according to their level of difficulty. If you are already familiar with the language, you can choose relevant units. There is a detailed contents section to help you do so easily.

To ensure the newly-presented grammar topic is ingrained in your mind, you are encouraged to do the exercises on the right-hand page. As there are plenty of example sentences and dialogues in both pages of the unit, you can also come up with your own dialogues and practice conversations.

Turkish Grammar in Practice will also be a useful supplementary book for teachers. If you are already using a course book, present the grammar explanation on the left-hand page, then ask students to read the example sentences. Also, if there is a conversation, ask two students to read it aloud.

So, as we say in Turkish “Başlayalım! (Let’s start!)” and have fun learning this beautiful language!

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