Turkish Grammar in Practice

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Turkish Grammar in Practice is a completely new reference and practice book for learners of Turkish.

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ISBN: 9781911481003
Publisher: Foxton Books
Author: Yusuf Buz
Pages: 320
1st Published: 11/09/2016
2nd Impression: 01/02/2019
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Product Description

Key features

Turkish Grammar in Practice is a completely new reference and practice book for learners of Turkish. It comes with the following key features:

   Clear and easy-to-follow explanations
   Over 2000 sample sentences and dialogues
   Around 3000 practice questions
   Around 450 colour illustrations
   A dictionary of 1900 headwords used throughout the book
   Tips highlighting common errors and characteristics of Turkish grammar
   Full key for the exercises

Who is this book for?

Turkish Grammar in Practice introduces grammar to learners at beginner to intermediate level. It is not a course book, but a reference and practice book which can be used by learners attending classes or working alone.

What does the book consist of?

This book consists of 114 units, each on a grammatical topic. The units cover the main areas of Turkish grammar. The explanations are on the left-hand page, and the exercises are on the
right-hand page. Plenty of sample sentences and conversations help you use grammar in real-life situations. The explanations are followed by exercises that practise the new language in
authentic situations.

There are also 15 units in Grammar Essentials section. These units do not have exercises. They are designed to focus on grammar points which are important for reading and writing Turkish.
An important feature of this book is that it provides over 2000 sample sentences and around 3000 practice questions by using the most common 1900 Turkish words. The dictionary at the
end of the book presents the English meaning of all the words used in the book. You can look words up as and when needed.

There is a full answer key for you to check your answers to the exercises in the book.

About the Author

Yusuf Buz has taught English as a second language for about 10 years, developing extensive experience assessing and preparing candidates for various proficiency English exams in Turkey. Since he moved to the UK in 2004, he taught Turkish for around 5 years, during which he started writing this book. He holds a BA in English Language Teaching and an MA in Linguistics from University of Leeds. Yusuf is also the author of one of the bestselling books on English Grammar in Turkey. His other titles include: YDS Test Pro, YDS Exam Pack, Test Your Comprehension and Vocabulary and Advanced English Learners’ Tests.

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